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What Is Your Organisation Doing?

About the Project

What if South Africa could create a Billion Dollar Sustainable Industry using local knowledge, art and culture as product and brand differentiators?

What if it could significantly impact Carbon Reduction and create Social Investment Value for large-scale Industrial Stakeholders and Mining Industries?

What if this intervention could create 1000's of jobs and enable new Agri and IPP Entrepreneurs through a structured programme within 5 years?


What if we could get started today?

Project Highlights

Carbon Credits

UN REDD+ Programme certified Carbon Credits available to SOE's, Mining & Industrial users.

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Water Treatment

Phytoremediation of municipal waste water, grey water and infrastructure rehabilitation.

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Bio Energy

Closed system, HHV biofuel pellets with low sulphur and ash content for residential use.


Eco Recovery

Mining and heavy industrial site restoration, extraction of pollutants and heavy metals.

Organic Farming


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About the Project
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