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Blinding Diamonds

Buy And Sell Rough & Polished Diamonds


Digital Provenance & KPC's, Blockchain Secured


The diamond industry was in decline even before Covid-19. In India, for example, where the vast majority of stones are cut and polished, many manufacturers were already operating under an impossible margin band ranging between -7% to -1%, meaning they lost money on every diamond sold. In 2019, global diamond jewelry sales had already dropped by up to 5%, according to Bain’s, while mining and midstream revenues had shrunk by 25% and 10%, respectively.

While sector conversations are primarily centered on recovery, we must also address the underlying issues that have hampered progress in recent years. For too long, the narrative has been about efficiency : how to make supply chains bigger, better, faster and cheaper. The industry lost sight of the collective benefits of sustainable value chains, not least in reducing both reputational and fiscal risk. Diamond manufacturers add significant value to a diamond, despite the low aggregated cost they bring to the trade and must therefore assume most, if not all of the accountability end-customers are now demanding.

Notably, customers who love diamond jewelry want to know their purchase has been sustainably and ethically sourced. In the post-pandemic market, these conscious consumers will increasingly call the shots. With prices so low, auditability is becoming a source of added value – and a bargaining chip. Those businesses with the desire and ability to meet the provenance challenge will be better placed to shake off the rigours of the pandemic, and then prosper in the long-term.

Our Offering

We trade diamonds safely and securely. We only source from accredited diamond miners and suppliers in Central, West and Southern Africa, including our own alluvial extraction sites in Northern Cape, South Africa.

Raw Diamond


As industry leaders have agreed on the need to eliminate conflict stones, improve worker rights along the supply chain and take a more sustainable approach to environmental impact, full track and trace methodologies, of which digital twins stored on the Blockchain for each stone is considered a key enabler.

Service Highlights

Flexible Procedure

We work with you to find solutions. No rigid contracting or intermediaries to manage.

5 star award


Custom developed and managed value chains direct between buyer and producer.


DNA Tracking

Nano Imprint origin mine, country & mining period onto rough & polished stones.

Magnifying Glass - Grey

Digital Twinning

All export manifests are published on our Blockchain ahead of shipping to buyers.



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